Who Cares?

Well, I do.

And if you have ever been the person that suddenly exclaims: "Oh, THAT'S what that means!" and been the subject of ridicule by your friends for the rest of the day, you should too.

I started this blog in the hope that by posting some of these stories, whether mine or those of people around me, it might help others avoid those embarrassing moments.

When I was in Junior High I often told my friends things I had just realized at that moment. Most of the time these were things most other kids didn't even think about at all, so all they said was, "ok... why do you even think about stuff like that?" You know, things about why planets all orbit in the same stellar plane, or how parents seem to read minds. However, quite often I was a bit slower on realizing other things socially. Like every innuendo. Those were the most embarrassing because if I didn't realize it by myself someone (hopefully a friend) would tell me and if it was in the middle of class, well, it was not awesome. Likely there were others who didn't know either, but now they all pretended like they knew and made fun of me until something new came along.

In recent times I've been at parties or gatherings where someone would suddenly realize why, for instance, railroad crossing signs have the "X" on them because it means "crossing" but they can't write that on the sign as it won't fit. When this is a thing that others didn't know either the whole group feels successful for learning something new, but if it's just one person they get teased for quite a while. I'm ok with teasing as long as it's light-hearted and well meant, but in parties or mixed company people tend to go a bit overboard.

Since it is difficult to get jerks to see what big jerks they are and how people's feelings matter at all, I figured this could be a blog to help people realize these things in the comfort and security of their own homes. And if you have already realized everything here, share it with your friend who might be that "blonde" friend that catches on slowly to the world around them.

And if you have any stories or suggestions let me know! Thanks.

It's a cruel world sometimes, let's not give it any extra ammunition.

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