Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Sun is a Star

I knew this forever ago because as a kid I loved science programs on TV. I'm pretty sure that we all went to school but some of us weren't listening in 8th grade science I guess because sometimes I hear this one in public places.

I don't know what it is about facts about the physical world and the local celestial bodies, but the majority of the sudden realizations I've witnessed are from girls. I'm not saying that girls aren't as smart as boys, because a lot of the time it seems to be the other way around, but paying attention to the physical world seems to be a guy thing.

I was in a bookstore, perusing the merchandise, when I heard this conversation:
Boy: "Oh, dude, I love books like this! Check it out, it has like everything in the solar system. Hey, [Ashley], come check this out."
[Ashley]: "Huh, that's pretty cool I guess."
Boy: "Well, yeah. I mean look at how cool this is, this is showing how many Earths it would take to equal the mass of the Sun. Crazy right? And the Sun isn't even that big of a star really. Not like Betelgeuse, that's a big one."
[Ashley]: "What are you talking about? The Sun isn't a star... it's a sun."
Boy: "Hahaha, um, that's the same thing."
[Ashley]: "No! Why don't we call it the "Star" then?"
Boy: "Because that wouldn't make any sense... And I think, like, people didn't use to know that the sun was a star because science wasn't that good a long time ago. Then somebody found out that stars are just like our sun, just really far away and stuff."
[Ashley]: "Well,... they should have named it better."

I just chuckled to myself that somehow if people named things better we would somehow have no need to learn things for ourselves or something.

However, I know in some cultures science is second to religious teachings and traditions. I'm religious, but I have never seen any problems with science and religion complimenting each other. This article for instance has to do with how faith and secular knowledge conflicted to make accepting the Sun as a star difficult.

Don't worry though, the Sun IS a star, and that's ok.

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Keep realizing things! Good luck out there.

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